Lil Nas X teases collab with Billie Eilish and reveals details about new album | PopBuzz Meets

12 July 2019, 16:21

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Lil Nas X enters 'The Interrogation Room' to face questioning... and spills some Yee Yee Juice on his dream collab list.

Lil Nas X. Internet King. A living, breathing meme. Rapper, cowboy, outlaw. And we've finally dragged him into The Interrogation Room to face questioning about just how he managed to take over the music industry with his hit single 'Old Town Road'.

On his recent trip to London, Lil Nas X stopped by PopBuzz HQ and it was truly, truly an honour. But enough about those niceties... for it was soon time for him to answer to his charges and his somewhat iconic crimes.

Like, how did he come into possession of the universe's most deadly weapon, the Infinity Gauntlet? What does he have to say about his brief "stint" in the military? How many other artists does he have up his sleeve for collaborations? And who in the world of music and celebrity has the most Yeehaw Energy™? Kacey Musgraves? Dolly Parton? Gordon Ramsay?

Lil Nas X enters the PopBuzz Interrogation Room
Lil Nas X enters the PopBuzz Interrogation Room. Picture: PopBuzz

Watch Lil Nas X in The Interrogation Room at the top of the page, or on our YouTube channel where you can find other celebs like Zara Larsson, Joe Dempsie, HVRY sitting down for questioning.

And while you're here, be sure to listen to Lil Nas X's brand new 'Old Town Road' remix with Mason Ramsey and Young Thug. And if you haven't already downloaded, bought or streamed his debut EP '7'... YOU BETTER DO IT OR WE'LL SEND YOU STRAIGHT TO JAIL.

(And yes, he also confirmed that he will still send everyone a copy of Phineas and Ferb season 3 on DVD when ‘Old Town Road’ goes platinum.)

Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus feat. Young Thug & Mason Ramsey - Old Town Road (Remix) [Lyric Video]