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20 September 2019, 15:09

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Can Liam Payne score full marks on a quiz about himself? We WISH the answer was yes...

Liam Payne. Singer, songwriter and an absolutely terrible expert on all things himself.

That's right, baby! The Most Impossible Quiz is back and this time, it's Payno himself who has unwittingly stepped into her wicked clutches. To celebrate the release of Liam's new track 'Stack It Up,' we challenged him to take on three expert rounds of Liam Payne trivia.

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The task is simple: answer as many questions as you can about yourself and try to score full marks. How hard could it be?! Well, if your name is actually Liam James Payne, it's apparently VERY hard.

Liam Payne takes on the Most Impossible Liam Payne Quiz
Liam Payne takes on the Most Impossible Liam Payne Quiz. Picture: PopBuzz

15 questions, 15 possible points. Liam's score? 4. So um, yeah! Good effort, great effort. But there's definitely room for improvement.

Think you can beat Liam? Reckon you have the expert level knowledge about his own career to score full marks? Find all the questions below, and watch the video at the top of the page to find your answers. Good luck!

Round 1: Liam Payne SOLO round

1) How many times do you say "get low" in 'Get Low'?

2) What is the caption on Liam Payne's first Instagram photo?

3) What colour is the bed in the 'Strip That Down' video?

4) What three things did Simon Cowell say Liam was missing in your first X Factor audition?

5) What did Liam tweet "I am the real Liam Payne."

Round 2: Extreme Throwback Round

6) Who is driving the van in the 'What Makes You Beautiful' video?

7) What colour is the scarf Liam is wearing in the 'Night Changes' video?

8) What name did Danny DeVito give Liam in the 'Steal My Girl' video?

9) What is Liam's prison number in the 'Kiss You' video?

10) From left to right (as seen on screen), list the order in which the boys are standing during their 'Torn' performance at Judges' Houses?

ROUND 3: YouTube comment round

11) "Holy sh*t... Liam looks damn hot. He is one of the reasons for global warming."

12) "When my brother does not take a shower i will put this song on for him."

13) "57 years of age and got a serious crush on Liam Payne."

14) "David Beckham can really sing well."

15) "Just think that the person behind the camera is probably just a bald 50 year old guy called Pete."

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