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5 July 2019, 15:36

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Nick, Joe and Kevin compete against each other in the Most Impossible Jonas Brothers Quiz.

I would like to start this article with a personal apology to Joe Jonas.

Joe, when you and your lovely brothers, Nick and Kevin Jonas, came by PopBuzz HQ to take part in The Most Impossible Jonas Brothers quiz, in the final round we asked you to draw each other in 30 seconds. As the official adjudicator, it was my responsibility to assess which portrait was the best, based on two things: effort and likeness. Alas, I made a grave error in my judgement.

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Due to my poor eyesight and the STRESS of the quiz, I mistook your artful and nuanced portrait of handsome Nick Jonas for something that more resembled a potato. I am deeply sorry for this, especially as the winning portrait by Nick is definitely the most potato-like of them all. I am ashamed of myself.

Here is Joe's masterpiece, titled 'Nick Jonas':

Nick Jonas portrait by Joe Jonas
Nick Jonas portrait by Joe Jonas. Picture: Joe Jonas / PopBuzz


And Kevin's portrait of Joe...

Joe Jonas portrait by Kevin Jonas
Joe Jonas portrait by Kevin Jonas. Picture: Kevin Jonas / PopBuzz

Less stunning.

And the "winning" portrait of Kevin by Nick.

Kevin Jonas portrait by Nick Jonas
Kevin Jonas portrait by Nick Jonas. Picture: Nick Jonas / PopBuzz

...Again, I am so sorry.

Watch the full video to see the Jonas Brothers create these beautiful works of art and then head over to our YouTube channel for more videos including an interview with the Jonas Brothers.

Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers. Picture: PopBuzz