Daniel Radcliffe talks possible Harry Potter reunion for 20th anniversary | PopBuzz Meets

6 March 2020, 13:51

Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Escape From Pretoria star Daniel Radcliffe chats all things about his nail-biting new movie, and the prospect of a Potter school reunion.

Living legend Mr Daniel Radcliffe recently came into PopBuzz HQ to talk about his heart-pounding, new jailbreak thriller, Escape From Pretoria, and along the way we talked accents, facial hair, keys (yes, really), social media and the tantalising prospect of a full-blown Harry Potter reunion.

Escape From Pretoria sees the actor and Britain's Nicest Man™️ playing real life Anti-Apartheid hero Tim Jenkin, as he attempts to escape from a South African prison. The film is edge-of-your-seat stuff and also allowed Dan a chance to flex his accent skills. The film was made in Australia, which Daniel says made it even harder to keep Tim's very particular accent in line, but nevertheless he persevered.

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The film also sees monsieur Radcliffe sporting a rather fetching wig and beard. The latter of which he says he sorely misses: "without the beard I look like a tired child". He also revealed that he nicknamed his movie wig 'Jackson' after Bradley Cooper's character in 'A Star Is Born'.

Daniel Radcliffe PopBuzz interview
Daniel Radcliffe PopBuzz interview. Picture: PopBuzz

We also asked Dan why he isn't on any social media and he was quite frank in his response, saying that: “If I was on Twitter, I would be the worst version of myself. I would be so reactive and everything would make me angry.”

As a former child star himself, he also weighed in on how difficult it must be being a young actor in the Twitter age: “I look at the kids on Stranger Things and I go ‘Oh my god, I don’t know how I would…' ‘Cause they’ve all got, as far as I can tell, they’ve got quite big social media presences. And I think I would have gone really really crazy and they’re doing very well not to.”

He continued: “But also, it’s something they’ve all grown up with. It would probably feel weird to them to not have it. Whereas for me, I would have still been in the phase of getting it and understanding it. I definitely think we were lucky to do Potter just before all that stuff really happened.“

Now, seeing as we had the Boy Who Lived himself within our humble walls we could not resist asking him about the possibility of a Hogwarts school reunion - particularly with 2021 being the 20th anniversary of the first film.

His answer was more than a little tantalising: “You know, I won’t rule it out! It’s a weird thing. I’ve become a horrible yard stick for how old everyone is. I turned 30 this year and when I tell people that now, they just look so sad."

"[I’m sure] some fate will conspire to make it happen.“

Daniel also revealed that he texts with Tom Felton on the regular too, and seeing as Tom was involved in the last mini-Potter reunion, we're counting on the two of them to make it happen.

Escape From Pretoria is in UK cinemas now.