Taylor Swift - 'Blank Space'

10 November 2014, 17:44 | Updated: 9 April 2015, 15:32

Taylor Swift has unveiled the VERY dramatic video for her 'Shake It Off' follow up, 'Blank Space'.

Well, Taylor Swift definitely doesn't hang about, does she? While we've still been trying to perfect the 'Shake It Off' dance routine, she's dropped her brand new music video for her latest single 'Blank Space'. 

The second track to be taken from her record-breaking album '1989', 'Blank Space' shows off Taylor's INCREDIBLE acting skills as she plays the part of a very dramatic girlfriend - which is what the song is all about. 

In the video, Taylor destroys a classic car, cuts up her boyfriend's clothes and even stabs a few paintings... Basically all the things you WISH you could do after a break up. 

Suddenly appearing online this morning, the 'Blank Space' video has already gone down a treat with Swifties everywhere, naturally! 

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