Taylor Swift Has Finally Revealed Who That Baby Voice Is At The Start Of 'Gorgeous' & It's Adorable AF

13 November 2017, 13:28 | Updated: 5 December 2018, 10:11

Taylor swift

Cutest cameo ever?

Taylor Swift's new album 'Reputation' is doing the business. As expected it is universally loved, the songs are absolutely banging and the world has once again contracted a bad case of Swift-fever.

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But there is one question that has gone un-answered since the release of her single 'Gorgeous' and that is, who the hell is that kid who adorably blurts out 'gorg-eous' at the start of the tune?

Well, now the album is out in the world - so is the booklet! And with that the voice's owner is finally revealed!

It turns out that it is in fact the 2-year old daughter of a-list power couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds! The booklet reads "Baby intro voice by James Reynolds."

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This shouldn't come as the biggest surprise to her fans as it is pretty well known that Tay Tay and Blake Lively are besties, but still, it's a nice lil bit of trivia to keep you going until Swifty takes to the stage at this year's #CapitalJBB!

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