Fans Are Convinced Taylor Swift's 'End Game' Video Is Here After This Teasing Tweet Woke Us All Up

10 January 2018, 13:36 | Updated: 10 January 2018, 13:42

Taylor Swift

Video Director Joseph Khan loves to keep us all guessing!

After Taylor Swift's album 'Reputation' dropped back in 2017 and featured a tonne of absolute anthems, who could blame people for being excited about the music videos that would surely follow?

Well 'End Game' featuring Ed Sheeran and Future has become a firm favourite and fans are sure that the vid for the song is about to be released based on a very cryptic tweet from Taylor's regular music video director Joseph Khan.

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The visual specialist, who was worked on Tay's last two video's 'LWYMMD' and '...Ready For It?', had fans demanding that the video be released ASAP after he hinted that it could soon be time to share the project with the world.

In his tweet, Joseph wrote, 'I think this is going to have a big reputation.' and considering that Taylor was filming parts of an upcoming music vid in a London kebab/chip shop and her album is named 'Reputation', everyone's taking this as a big hint.

Fans were quick to hit back at Khan's potential trolling and expressed their feelings about the director toying with their emotions...

But all any of us really want is this darn music video to be out in the world, so with 13th January just around the corner (remember Tay Tay's fave number is 13), maybe we could be in for a treat VERY soon?

Keeping our fingers crossed!

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