Yes, This 1989 Aerobics Vid DOES Fit Perfectly With Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’…

7 November 2014, 16:18 | Updated: 8 November 2014, 17:06

Take one cheesy aerobics video from the ‘80s and add a Taylor Swift soundtrack and the result is BRILLIANT!

As if Taylor Swift’s music video for ‘Shake It Off’ wasn’t energetic enough, some clever internet wizard has created an even more high-octane video for the song…

Yep, one eagle-eyed person has spotted that this random aerobics video from 1989 just happens to sync up perfectly with Tay Tay’s song.

Now we know this piece of video gold throws up a lot of questions: is there some kind of correlation between the video being made in 1989, when that is the title of Taylor’s album and her year of birth? How on earth do those people manage to do those exercises without getting a killer wedgie? And of course, when is the mens unitard going to make a comeback?!

We can’t answer any of the above, but we can bring you this wonderfully hypnotic video instead. Enjoy!

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