Fans Think Selena Gomez & Charlie Puth Are Dating... Even Though They've Denied It!

22 September 2015, 10:15 | Updated: 22 September 2015, 10:17

Selena Gomez Charlie Puth Instagram

So #Charlena is already a thing... even though this pop pair insist they're just good pals!

So it turns out fans REALLY want all of these Selena Gomez dating Charlie Puth rumours to be true… even if the two themselves have outright denied it!

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‘Marvin Gaye’ singer Charlie posted up a snap of the pair this week that immediately caused Twitter to go CRAZY with rumours the two are dating, before deleting it and tweeting to tell fans to “relax” - insisting they’re just good pals.

“She’s just my friend guys lol relax,” Charlie was forced to post to clean up the rumours, before Selena even added: “Before it begins, he is a good one. He is MY FRIEND only lol. He realest and most down-to-earth person I know.”

The two then BOTH posed adorable selfies from their hangout together - making us REALLY want a collaboration like, right now - making sure fans pretty much ignored their tweets and continued to speculate anyway! They’ve even given them a romance name… #Charlena!

What do you think? Are Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth secretly dating? Or are they telling the truth?

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