Cover Drive: Supporting Rihanna Was "Best Time Of Our Lives"

17 January 2012, 12:59 | Updated: 17 January 2012, 13:01

'Twilight' band tell Capital FM that the 'We Found Love' star is a big fan of their music.

Cover Drive have said supporting Rihanna on tour was the "best 20 minutes of our lives". 

The group, who release their new single 'Twilight' later this month, opened for RiRi on her 'Loud' tour in Barbados last year. 

Speaking to, lead singer Amanda said Rihanna was "beautiful" and told Cover Drive she was a fan.

"Well we opened for her at her concert in Barbados," Amanda said.

"And it was the best 20 minutes of our lives, it was completely amazing, and then we waited like two and a half hours to meet her after the show...

"So we met her, and she's so beautiful. So nice. She said she watched our YouTube videos. Freak out. And she said she loved them, and we're so talented and keep doing what we're doing, and she's just so nice."

Cover Drive are due to release second single 'Twilight' on 22nd January. You can pre-order 'Twilight' now.