Rihanna Named Woman Of The Year

RiRi gets the ultimate approval from Italian Vogue.

Rihanna has been crowned 'Woman Of The Year' by the fashion magazine.

Here's what the fashionistas at Vogue Italia had to say about Rihanna:

"Independent, energetic, the young Robyn Rihanna Fenty (only 23) is our woman of the year and not just by virtue of numbers and figures but also, and foremost, for her kind and fighting spirit.

"The same spirit that brought her from Barbados to the top of the music charts achieving a career which she has forged and mastered completely by herself (whose last move was to become the new ambassador for Armani).

"Rihanna is the undisputed best contender to the role of queen of pop. Her career has always been based on the cunning use of sexiness and provocation."

Do you think Rihanna deserves to be 'Woman Of The Year'? Who would be your pick? Leave us a comment below...