Rihanna's Diet And Exercise Regime Revealed

15 February 2012, 15:49 | Updated: 16 February 2012, 11:21

Fitness trainer speaks about the 'Talk That Talk' star's efforts to stay in shape.

Rihanna works out at least three times a week and eats five small meals a day, her fitness trainer has revealed.

Details of the 'Talk That Talk' star's diet have been released just days after the singer showcased her slimline figure at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

Harley Pasternak, creator of the 5 Factor program, has been working on helping Rihanna "fine tune" her body in recent weeks.

He said the singer likes to train three times a week when touring and spends around 25 minutes on each session, but when in one location she increases her workouts to five a week.

"She's been really focused and stepped it up," Harley said.

Rihanna's cardio regime includes running, skipping and jumping jacks, which she does in her hotel or dressing rooms.

Harley also told People that if Rihanna gets hungry after eating her five small meals a day she often snacks on bean based chips to satisfy her "salty cravings".

Rihanna is among the stars set to attend the BRIT Awards in London next week.