Rihanna Helps Support Brother's Music Career

16 March 2012, 13:30 | Updated: 16 March 2012, 13:34

The 'You Da One' star is apparently a big believer in her sibling and wants him to forget monetary issues.

Rihanna is apparently helping fund her brother's music career as she doesn't want him worrying about money.

The 'Talk That Talk' star is said to be extremely generous with her personal funds and has a close bond with her brother Rorrey Fenty, who goes by the rap name GQ.

A source close to the singer told the Daily Star: "Rihanna's close to her brother, and she'll do anything to help him out. They hang out a lot and are the best of friends. She wants to make sure he can develop his talent without any money worries."

"She wanted to set him up with his own home with a sum of money in the bank. Rihanna's not someone who squirrels her money away. She knows how to enjoy her life and loves sharing her money."

Rorrey unveiled his first track back in November 2011 with RiRi getting behind the song on her Twitter account.

Meanwhile, the Bajan star confessed that she has no plans to tour in 2012 and will be using the time to work on a new album.