One Direction's New Video: 24 HEART MELTING Moments From 'Night Changes' #SWOON

21 November 2014, 18:00

The new 1D video for 'Night Changes' has landed, and there's so many reasons to watch it, twenty four of which we've listed right here... in AWESOME GIFs!

With a first play on Capital TV 'Night Changes' sees, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn on some pretty romantic dates, and it's like we're there with the whole music video shot from our point of view, we get all sorts of sexy close ups and adorable moments to enjoy, and more importantly to makes GIFs out of!

So here goes...

When Zayn feeds us pasta and we end up with it all 'round our mouth, so he goes to wipe it up - aww!

The face he makes when he introduces us to his mate at the restaurant...

Our palms actually got sweaty when Zayn reaches over the table to hold hands!!!

Then that jelous guy shows up and kicks off at Zayn, and he just makes THIS face in response... lol.

After the guy throws his food over Zayn and we have to leave, he looks sooo sad, we can't deal.

When we turn up to our date with Liam and he gives us his scarf! What a gent.

Then at the amusements when he wins us a teddy, looking all cute with this face...

After some gentle persuasion we ride the dodgems with Liam and he looks like he's having the best time EVER!

Until it all starts to go a bit down hill, aww poor baby!

Harry take us on the ice, and we fall in love with this, ahem, skills... lol.

What he lacks in athletic ability on the ice Harry more than makes up with by bringing us these super cute skates. No rentals on this date.

Our very own Prince Charming, Harry gets down on one knee to fasten up our skates!

Then tires to impress us with his skills...

It starts off ok.

Then we're kind of impressed.

Until this happens... It's ok, we're still take a date with Harry Styles, even if it's in A&E.

Niall makes us hot chocolate to drink, and walks out wearing a Christmas jumper when we go over to his. This makes us feel all warm inside and out.

After playing monopoly AND jenga Niall makes us laugh with this party trick, oh Niall!


We can barely cope when he brings out his guitar... Who wouldn't fall in love after being serenaded by Niall?!

#Smouldering. Louis looks like he's in a modelling campaign for Burberry when we see him look up like this in his beige trench coat.

Louis pulls out all the stops with this vintage car, adorbs.

When Louis pulls this face... lol.

Followed through by major lols when he tries to take the hat off this police officer, oh Louis!


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