Nicki Minaj – ‘Anaconda’

20 August 2014, 09:32 | Updated: 24 September 2014, 11:05

Nicki Minaj has dropped the long-awaited video for ‘Anaconda’ – and it features a LOT of booty!

Nicki Minaj is never one to shy away from a sexy video – and she’s outdone herself with her ‘Anaconda’ promo!

The video sees Nicki and a bevy of big bottomed beauties shaking what their mommas gave them in a jungle setting with the occasional suggestive fruit thrown in for good measure.

As well as more twerking than you can shake a perfectly formed booty at, the end of the video sees Nicki perform a seriously sexy lapdance for Drake, which Miss Minaj had recently been teasing images of on Twitter.

‘Anaconda’ is the second single from Nicki’s third studio album ‘The Pink Print’, following on from the lead single ‘Pills n Potions’. 

Watch the incredible - and unforgettable - music video for 'Anaconda' above (WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT).