Lady Gaga Recreates 'Born This Way' Motorbike During World Tour - Video

29 May 2012, 12:48

Fan footage shows the 'Judas' star performing on her bike during 'Heavy Metal Lover'.

Lady Gaga has been recreating the artwork from her album 'Born This Way' on her current world tour.

The singer is depicted as a motorbike on the cover of the 2011 album, which included the hits 'Judas' and 'Marry The Night'.

Fan footage from Lady Gaga's current 'Born This Way Ball' world tour shows her riding around the stage on the same motorbike depicted on the cover during the song 'Heavy Metal Lover'.

As the song continues, one of the singer's dancers performs a routine on top of her while the star moves around the stage.

The video footage, filmed during gigs in Hong Kong, also includes performances of several other songs Lady Gaga has never performed live before.

Earlier this week, the star was forced to cancel a gig in Jakarta following threats from religious extremists.

Watch Lady Gaga performing on her 'Born This Way' motorbike below: