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Demi Lovato broke down during powerful GRAMMY performance of 'Anyone'

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Demi Lovato will return to the stage this weekend.

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Demi Lovato has split from Austin Wilson

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Demi Lovato goes public with boyfriend Austin Wilson

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Demi has come a long way.

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Demi Lovato has been targeted by hackers.

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Demi Lovato apologised to those offended by her trip to Israel

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Demi Lovato has apparently sparked a new relationship with Mike Johnson

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Mike Johnson called Demi Lovato 'a good kisser'

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Demi Lovato posts unedited bikini snap, facing her 'biggest fear'

Demi Lovato Faces 'Biggest Fear' & Posts Unedited Bikini Snap As She's 'Tired' Of Being Ashamed

The pair shared a sweet interaction on social media.

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Demi Lovato chose not to attend the VMAs for "a reason"

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Demi turns 27 this week.

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Demi Lovato reacted to someone who fat-shamed her on Instagram

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Noah Centineo gets an Instagram follow from Demi Lovato

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Demi Lovato has chopped her hair into a sleek, short bob

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Fans are begging the Jonas Brothers to reunite with Demi Lovato

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