Demi Lovato Just Blew Us Away With Covers Of Kelly Clarkson & Lil Wayne

15 November 2015, 21:25

Ladies & gentlemen, we may have a new queen of Instaoke!

For the first time EVER, we've managed to introduce world-class vocalist Demi Lovato to Instaoke - and it was WELL worth the wait!

Rita Ora may have recently hung on to her Queen of Instaoke crown after an "interesting" cover of Adele's 'Hello', but now that title is up for grabs.

During her recent trip to London, Demi took part in Max's mini-karaoke challenge by blasting out James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful' and Kelly Clarkson's anthemic 'Because Of You'.

The 'Confident' mega-star even shook things up by taking on Lil Wayne's 'How To Love' - and we NEVER thought we'd head something so monumental!

So #Lovatics, it's time to vote... Is Demi the new Queen of Instaoke? Or is Rita Ora holding on to that crown for another week? 

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