Britney Spears near reveal all book

Britney Spears nearly revealed all in a 2006 book.

Perez Hilton reports that author Neil Strauss had conversations with her in 2006 about a potential autobiography.

A source said: 'Britney has all these notes that she had written down about Justin Timberlake, sexually acting out, and these battles with her mom.

'It was really raw data and she had a copy of Goldie Hawn's book and wanted it to be like that. She was so sweet and kept calling me to talk about it. But at some point her people got in the middle of it and confiscated her phone.

'I think she even met with publishers about the book, but her people wanted so much money that it was just unfeasible and I felt so bad for her, all these people wrestling for control of her money instead of letting the girl do what she wanted to do.'