Beyonce to reunite Destiny's Child at Glastonbury

Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams could be joining Bey on stage for a 'Bootylicious' reunion.

Beyonce is preparing for a headline slot at this year's Glastonbury festival and her former Destiny's Child chums are rumoured to be meeting her at the gig for a reunion.

Kelly and Michelle had planned a trip to the festival to watch Beyonce but a suggestion from Michelle of getting the band back together could see the girls reuniting for a performance.

"The idea of a brief on-stage Sunday evening reunion was mooted..." a source revealed.

"One idea is for the two girls to join her on stage towards the end of her set for a medley of their hits."

The band split in 2004 and both Beyonce and Kelly Rowland have carved out successful solo careers since, while Michelle has enjoyed success on Broadway and in the West End as well as appearing on Strictly Come Dancing.

But despite the girls' hectic schedules with Beyonce touring and Kelly's X Factor commitments, the three will be enjoying time together this weekend.

"It's still very much up in the air as no one wants Bey to feel upstaged..." a source told the Daily Mirror.

"Whatever happens, the three girls are getting back together at Glasto and plan on having a ball."