Ariana Grande Has To Give Away 90% Of Her ‘7 Rings’ Earnings And Here’s Why

21 March 2019, 10:10

Ariana Grande only gets to keep 10% of her '7 Rings' earnings.
Ariana Grande only gets to keep 10% of her '7 Rings' earnings. Picture: YouTube

It might be one of the biggest songs of the year, but Ariana Grande isn’t earning as much as you’d think from ‘7 Rings’.

Ariana Grande might have put out the anthem of the year already but she’s not making as much money as you’d think from ‘7 Rings’… as she has to surrender 90% of the profits!

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According to reports, the deal Ariana struck to be able to use the sample of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s iconic Sound Of Music track, ‘My Favourite Things’, means she will have to hand over most of the earnings from it.

The songwriters, who have a host of film tracks under their belts, wrote the song in 1959, which was sampled in Ari’s new song.

Although Rodgers and Hammerstein died in 1959 and 1970, their music is owned by Concord, who negotiated the deal with Ariana’s record label.

It’s not the first time ‘My Favourite Things’ has been sampled for a pop song – Gwen Stefani used it for her 2006 track ‘Wind It Up’.

Though she’s only pocketing 10% of that particular song, we doubt it’s going to affect Ariana’s earnings too much, as she’s just kicked off her Sweetener World Tour, currently on the US leg before it visits London in August.

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