Woman Becomes Viral Meme After Live-Steaming Moment She Lost Her Pet Parrot Chanel

24 April 2020, 13:19 | Updated: 24 April 2020, 13:34

Chanel has become a viral icon.
Chanel has become a viral icon. Picture: Sandrah Hannah/Facebook

Chanel the parrot has now been reunited with her owner, after taking a trip to the canal.

A woman has become a viral meme after she posted a video on the internet pleading with the public to help find her missing parrot.

Sandrah Hannah, 40, was left ‘devastated’ when she discovered her pet - who is named Chanel - had flown out of her cage and ‘towards the canal’.

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In the video, the mum-of-four can be heard shouting ‘Chanel’ in the street and begging for help.

“Please everyone, please,” she says. “My parrot just flew away, she’s gone.”

The video has since been seen by over 40,000 people and sparked hundreds of memes.

One user shared a snap of a flock of pigeons, captioned: “Exclusive photo of Chanel trying to hide in Liverpool City Centre. A source close to the African grey parrot confirms “She doesn’t want to be found” #FINDCHANEL #CHANEL.”

Someone has even set up a ‘Chanel The Parrot’ Twitter account and is now tweeting updates about her day out to the canal.

It’s safe to say everybody is obsessed with the story, with one person writing: “Woke up this morning to see yet again Twitter has made an absolute icon famous again. Obsessed with Chanel the parrot and her antics!”

Another added: “Chanel the Parrot is the best thing to ever happen to Twitter. Cannot stop laughing at some of these posts.”

Thankfully, Chanel was found safe and sound just over two miles from Sandra’s home and the pair have now been reunited.

We look forward to watching the Netflix Originals adaption next year.

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