Road Trip! 11 Music Videos Guaranteed To Make You Hit The Road

19 August 2015, 12:41

Sigma Nobody To Love video

The sun's out (just), so what better time to get behind the wheel with your mates and have a road trip?

Okay, let's be honest.. It's ACTUALLY probably chucking it down outside, and the last thing you wanna do is change out of your onesie.

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But just hit play on these 11 fuel-injected music videos and we're certain you'll be jangling those keys and heading out the door!


Rihanna - 'Shut Up and Drive'

An absolute RiRi classic - the reason this made the top of our list must be obvious, right? Not only is the song about driving (wait, it's about WHAT?), the video even has Rihanna in a scrap yard and is full of cars.

Jess Glynne - 'Hold My Hand'

Jess' first debut Big Top 40 chart-topper had one killer video - and while cruising around the ring road in your Ford Fiesta might not be EXACTLY the same as bouncing through the desert in a huge 4x4, the video still gets us in the mood to get behind the wheel.


DJ Fresh Feat. Ella Eyre - 'Gravity'

Roof down, tunes up. That's our mantra anyway - and DJ Fresh & Ella Eyre are DEFINITELY giving off road trip vibes in this video.


David Guetta & Nicki Minaj - 'Hey Mama'

Move over Jess Glynne - someone ELSE knows how to party in the wastelands! David Guetta's summer collaboration with Nicki Minaj is becoming one of the biggest tunes of the year - so obviously it'd have a video to match. Trade in your hatchback and a dune buggy and find the closest patch of sand* and you're half way to living the 'Hey Mama' video for real... (*golf courses don't count)


Calvin Harris - 'Summer'

There must be an unwritten rule that huge summer tunes have to be set in the desert - and Calvin definitely got that memo. We'd definitely encourage you to get behind the wheel in the summer sun, but we obviously don't endorse drag racing. Plus let's be honest, when have you ever managed to get over 20mph on the M6?


Lady Gaga Feat. Beyonce - 'Telephone'

Taking it back old school, we can always rely on Lady Gaga to cause a bit of trouble! Getting behind Kill Bill's Pussy Wagon, Mother Monster and Beyonce tear up middle America in this EPIC music video.


Kelly Clarkson - 'Go'

Another classic that you might not have heard of - Kelly goes all badass racing her new Mustang against... well, herself driving an old Mustang. It's all very strange.


Sigma - 'Nobody To Love'

Not only is Sigma's Big Top 40 smash a music video that will make you want to buy a convertible for the 8 days of sunshine we get a year, it's also the first song you'll be cranking up when you're sat on top of the back seats with the wind in your hair (because your BFF will obviously volunteer to take the wheel)


Lawson - 'Roads'

Those Lawson lads must have petrol running through their veins - well, Andy, at least - because their 2015 comeback video is pretty must pure testosterone!


Beyonce & Jay Z - 'Bonnie & Clyde'

How could we NOT include this Mr & Mrs Carter classic? There's no other song - or video - to sum up running around and causing trouble with your bae on the open road.


Nelly – 'Ride Wit Me'

All we have to say on Nelly's classic tune is this - if you can get a photo of you driving a convertible AND a massive lorry, you've won summer. End of!


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