Who Plays Young Bill In "Mamma Mia 2"?

24 July 2018, 14:55

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The internet has found their new boyfriend, and he goes by the name of Josh Dylan.

If you haven't seen Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again yet, you're truly missing out. This movie has everything: vocals, glitter, Cher, Cher singing ABBA songs, Cher in not one but TWO different wigs, Christine Baranski doing high kicks and most importantly, three very VERY attractive guys portraying the younger versions of all Donna's boyfriends.

There's Jeremy Irvine (War Horse, The Railway Man) who plays Young Sam and Hugh Skinner (The Last Jedi, Les Miserables) who plays Young Harry but the one EVERYONE has been thirsting over is Young Bill - and you probably haven't seen him on-screen before.

Josh Dylan as Bill Anderson
Picture: Universal Pictures

So, who plays Young Bill Anderson in Mamma Mia 2?

Funnily enough, despite portraying a young version of the Donna's Swedish bae of like, one week, Bill is played by British actor Josh Dylan.

What other movies has Josh Dylan been in?

He appeared in the 2016 movie Allied as Captain Adam Hunter alongside Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard but Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again is only the second big-screen role he's ever had. His next role will be in the upcoming horror film The Little Stranger.

Is Josh Dylan on social media?

While he hasn't done much on screen, you can find him on Instagram at @_joshdylan. He's good at smouldering for the camera, there's plenty of pics of him with his Mamma Mia co-stars Jeremy and Hugh AND, as an added bonus, there's a picture of Dame Judi Dench on there too. We love a man with connections to acting royalty!

“Heya u guys, whats every1 doing this evening?” #Dynabros #mammamia2 #press

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Needless to say, since Mamma Mia 2 hit cinemas on July 20, the thirst levels for Young Bill have increased tenfold. The internet CANNOT cope with the sauce Josh Dylan is bringing to the role of Bill Anderson.

The thirst is REAAAAAAAAAAL. Here's one more shot of Young Bill for the road. Cheers.

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