Does Rhys have a twin in You season 4? The twist with Joe explained

9 March 2023, 10:54

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

You season 4 episode 7 ends with a huge surprise involving Rhys and Joe.

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You season 4 part 2 is officially here and there is one burning question on everyone's lips: Does Rhys Montrose have a twin?

In You season 4 part 1, the Eat the Rich killer tries to frame Joe Goldberg for his crimes. Keeping his identity a mystery, they then attempt to get Joe to join them in their efforts and, in episode 5, it's revealed that Rhys Montrose is the killer. He asks Joe to kill Roald but Joe refuses to help Rhys any more. You season 4 part 2 now follows Joe as he tries to figure out what to do next.

So far so normal but there's a key scene at the end of You season 4, episode 7 that's made people ask if Rhys has a twin.


Does Rhys have a twin in You season 4? The twist with Joe explained
Does Rhys have a twin in You season 4? The twist with Joe explained. Picture: Netflix

In You season 4, episode 7, Kate's father Tom reveals that he knows Joe's true identity and blackmails him into killing Rhys. Meanwhile, Rhys tries to blackmail Joe into killing Tom by revealing that he is holding Marienne hostage. Joe then kidnaps Rhys and tries to get him to reveal where Marienne is. However, Rhys says he doesn't know who Joe or Marienne is.

Joe tortures Rhys in the hopes that he will confess but, when he continues to claim ignorance, Joe ends up killing him. The episode then ends with another Rhys appearing besides Rhys' dead body. He says: "He wasn't lying Joe. He didn't know you. But I wasn't lying either. We really do have Marienne in a cage." Meanwhile, Nadia finds Marienne in a cage.

Is Joe hallucinating Rhys?

Is Joe hallucinating Rhys?
Is Joe hallucinating Rhys? Picture: Netflix

So, what is the truth, does Rhys have a twin? Well, the answer is no. As many fans had already theorised, Joe's interactions with Rhys in You season 4 are all hallucinations. Rhys did exist but he never knew Joe personally. On top of that, Joe is the Eat the Rich killer. He simply blacked out any memory of his murders and imagined that Rhys was behind them instead.

In episode 8, it's also made clear that Joe never let Marienne go back to Paris. When Joe stole her necklace, he kidnapped her and later found an abandoned place to trap her in his infamous glass box. In season 4 part 2, Joe has to confront the crimes he's committed head on and face the fact that there's no one else to blame for his actions.

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