You fans think what Joe Goldberg did to Nadia was his most 'evil' crime so far

13 March 2023, 19:27

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"What he did to Nadia shows that he has crossed fully and there is no more ‘good’ Joe. No longer a Joe to root for."

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You season 4 part 2 has left fans in disbelief after that shocking plot twist. But it's the disturbing ending involving Nadia in particular that has got people fuming on social media.

Let's face the facts: Nadia was the true MVP of season 4. A solid murder mystery queen and investigative icon, but just as we feared, Joe proved to be one step ahead of her at the eleventh hour.

In the final episode of You season 4, Joe carries out one of his most cold-blooded and heartless actions yet – which is hard to even comprehend when the man himself has already got a kill count of around 17 people at this point.

Nadia sadly falls victim to his schemes, but not in the way you'd expect. Joe's calculated way of destroying her has left some fans thinking her fate is almost worse than being murdered by him.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for You season 4's finale!

You season 4's Joe Goldberg and Nadia twist has left fans fuming
You season 4's Joe Goldberg and Nadia twist has left fans fuming. Picture: Netflix

After a whole season being rightfully sus of Professor Jonathan Moore, Nadia sadly ended up facing the full consequences of messing with Joe Goldberg.

In Part 2, Nadia makes a startling discovery when she realises that Jonathan Moore is not who he says he is. After snooping around his flat, she eventually ends up finding Marienne locked in Joe's glass cage and the two come up with a plan to help Marienne escape.

After her initial plan to kill Joe fell through, Marienne overdoses on Beta blockers which causes Joe to believe that she killed herself. She writes a fake suicide note asking Joe to leave her somewhere she'll be found and he does. Marienne wakes up, Nadia helps her escape and their plan is complete.

However, Nadia then continues to snoop around in a bid to prove that Joe killed Rhys Montrose. She sneaks back into his flat to look for evidence with the help of her boyfriend Eddie but gets caught by Joe in the process.

Nadia investigates Jonathan Moore but ends up facing the full extent of Joe Goldberg
Nadia investigates Jonathan Moore but ends up facing the full extent of Joe Goldberg. Picture: Netflix

It's then revealed that Joe murdered Eddie and framed him for Rhys' murder. But instead of killing Nadia, he frames her for Eddie's murder and she's made to take the fall for the whole thing. Sitting on the floor in broad daylight next to her boyfriend's dead body, Joe hands Nadia the murder weapon just as the police arrive.

Nadia is arrested and is sentenced to prison while Joe gets off scot-free once again. In fact, while Nadia is taken down, Joe ends up thriving like never before. He's rich, he's a public figure and he now shows absolute zero remorse for what he's done.

In Joe's final voiceover, we find out that Nadia refused to speak in her own defence and still hasn't spoken from prison.

Fans are absolutely devastated over what happened to Nadia. And while some of his actual murders are quite literally the worst things he's ever done, people are ranking Nadia's fate up there as one of his most evil doings in the show so far.

Nadia teaming up Ellie and Marienne in season 5 to finally bring Joe Goldberg down? We would like to see it! Justice for Nadia!

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