The huge Love twist in You season 2 didn’t happen in the original book

6 January 2020, 14:17

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

You season 2 is based on Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepner but the Netflix series has some key differences to the novel.

Netflix viewers are still in shock over the unexpected Love Quinn twist in You season 2 but it didn't even happen in the book.

You finally returned to Netflix last month (Dec 26) and it's safe to say that fans are living for the new episodes. Season 2 sees Joe (Penn Badgley) move to LA in an attempt to hide from his ex Candace. He then meets aspiring chef Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) and becomes obsessed with her just like with Beck in season 1. Stalking, murder and people being locked in Joe's infamous glass box soon follow.

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However, there's one key difference between season 1 and season 2 and it involves Love. You is based on two hit novels by Caroline Kepner. You season 2 is heavily inspired by the You sequel Hidden Bodies but Love's storyline is very different in it.


The huge Love twist in You season 2 didn’t happen in the original book
The huge Love twist in You season 2 didn’t happen in the original book. Picture: Netflix

You season 2 follows Joe as he stalks and eventually starts dating Love. Candace then finds Joe, pretends to be a girl called Amy and begins a relationship with Love's brother Forty in a bid to expose Joe for his crimes. All the while, Joe accidentally murders a comedian called Henderson and his neighbour Delilah catches him. Joe then locks Delilah in his glass box.

Joe initially intends to set Delilah free as long as he can flee LA. However, before he can, Forty drugs him with LSD. Joe then blacks out and later finds Delilah killed in his vault. Candace then finds the vault and sees Joe with Delilah's dead body and locks him in it. She calls Love to prove to her how dangerous Joe is but, plot twist, Love comes and kills Candace.

Love then explains to Joe that she stalked him first. She studied his past and made him fall in love with her. She also admits that she murdered Delilah to 'protect' Joe (and murdered Forty's au-pair). It's a wild twist but it turns out that Love wasn't a murderer in the book. That being said, she wasn't exactly normal in the novel by any means either.


In Hidden Bodies, Joe murders Delilah himself. Also, instead of Forty being shot by Fincher, Joe kills him. He takes Forty out to the desert in Nevada and drowns him in the local hot springs. He claims: "I can't let him smother her anymore. I love her too much for that." Love then finds out about Joe's crimes (except for the killing Forty part) and she accepts him.

Say what?! Yes. Joe tells Love about killing Beck, Peach and everyone else and Love decides to stay with him because she is in love with him and the world is a terrible place anyway?!! She then tells him she is pregnant and that's that. It turns out being a murderer isn't a deal-breaker in some relationships... in the You universe, at least.

However, Joe does not escape. Dr. Nicky gives the police a tip about a mysterious patient he thinks framed him for Beck's murder. They then find out that it's Joe and build up evidence which connects him to his many killings. The novel finishes with Joe in jail believing that Love's rich family will help him get off scot-free.

Joe's last thought is: "I’m one of the rich people now, the untouchables. These fuckers can't nail me."

What do you think? Do you like the twist or prefer the book?