Penn Badgley says Joe from You is the "same" as Dan from Gossip Girl

15 January 2020, 17:18

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Netflix viewers have long believed that Joe Goldberg in You is just Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl all grown up.

Penn Badgley has revealed that he thinks Joe Goldberg from You and Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl are the same person.

As soon as You first aired in 2018, fans immediately made connections between Penn Badgley's character Joe and Dan who he used to play in Gossip Girl. Dan may not be a serial killer like Joe but he is essentially a stalker. In the final episode of the teen drama, it's revealed that Dan is Gossip Girl and he's been creeping on his friends and fellow students the whole time.

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Dan actually used the Gossip Girl website and persona as a means to foster his relationship with Serena, just like Joe stalks and studies Beck and Love in the hopes that they will fall in love with him. This led viewers to theorise that Joe could be an older version of Dan and that Gossip Girl and You are set in the same universe. Now Penn has weighed in on the theory.

Penn Badgley says Joe from You is the "same" as Dan from Gossip Girl
Penn Badgley says Joe from You is the "same" as Dan from Gossip Girl. Picture: Netflix, The CW

Speaking to The New Yorker about Joe and You season 2, Penn said: "To me, Joe is privilege embodied. He’s the blindness that privilege entails." He then compared the series to his former show. "This is the whole ­strangeness of the show. In some ways, it’s this bizarre kind of fantastical, bingeable thing, like Gossip Girl. At the same time it’s, like, Ugh! It’s horrifying!"

Penn then added his two cents to the theory that Joe and Dan are the same person. He said: "It’s the same role. But now he has blood dripping down his face." And I oop. Obviously, Penn didn't confirm that Gossip Girl is a prequel to You (that's all fanfiction as far as we know) but it's wild to know that he agrees with fans that Joe and Dan are surprisingly similar.

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What do you think? Are Joe and Dan the same?