You fans want Penn Badgley to keep his beard in season 3

17 January 2020, 16:54

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Can season 3 of You give Joe Goldberg a beard?"

Ever since You first came to Netflix (the TV show, not you the person reading this), Penn Badgley and his murderous character Joe Goldberg have been front and centre of the internet's affections.

Penn, who has been a heartthrob for most of us since his Gossip Girl days, has now created a monster in Joe and the urge to spend just one night in his little glass box has reached new levels of complete and utter chaos.

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Following Penn's mission to spread the gospel that Joe is an absolutely awful human, fans have channelled their thirst into the man himself. 'Penn Badgley Thirst' has been on the rise since season 2 fell into our laps and now, the appreciation for the actor has soared to new heights.

Mostly thanks to his facial hair...

Fans want Penn Badgley to keep his beard for You season 3
Fans want Penn Badgley to keep his beard for You season 3. Picture: Jim Spellman/Getty Images, Netflix

In You, Joe is pretty much clean shaven throughout the series. Dan Humphrey may have had a bit of stubble toward the latter half of Gossip Girl but nothing that compares to Penn's current situation.

While on the season 2 press tour and ahead of the start of production for season 3, Penn has been sporting what can only be described as one of the most glorious beards in the TV industry right now.

And according to Twitter, a lot of people are very very very much hoping that it sticks around to make an appearance in You season 3.

If he keeps the beard, he's gonna be working overtime trying to tell everyone to stop thirsting over that murderer he plays...

Joe would have us all queuing to get inside that glass box...

I am BEGGING you.

Time and date of the riot will be revealed closer to the event.

"Penn Badgley WITH BEARD™️ saying 'f*ck Joe' on repeat."

In conclusion, Penn Badgley's beard. Thanks.