Netflix's 'You' fans think Joe Goldberg is Dan Humphrey from 'Gossip Girl' and OMFG

10 January 2019, 17:21

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

YOU Netflix viewers think that it could be a sequel to Gossip Girl...

Netflix's new show YOU really is THAT bitch. The series originally aired on Lifetime in the US but has since gained a whole new group of fans after dropping on Netflix. People cannot get enough of its talented cast (Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail and Shay Mitchell are all amazing in it), plot twists (I'm still not over that ending) and bonkers moments (we have so many questions).

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The show itself is about Joe Goldberg (Penn) and Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth). Joe is a bookstore manager who stalks Beck, after meeting her in his shop. He then tries to pursue a relationship with her, all the while, Beck has no idea that Joe is a psychopath. It is compelling af but one thing in particular is catching fans' attention. Joe is a lot like Dan Humphrey who Penn famously played on Gossip Girl.

YOU Netflix fans have a major Gossip Girl theory.

YOU Netflix fans think Dan Humphrey and Joe Goldberg are the same person
YOU Netflix fans think Dan Humphrey and Joe Goldberg are the same person. Picture: Netflix // The CW

Say what?! Yes, Joe and Dan are actually very similar. Gossip Girl viewers may look back on Dan fondly (the teen drama was designed for us to root for lonely boy) but he, just like Joe, was a stalker. In the final episode of Gossip Girl, viewers learned that Dan was Gossip Girl and that he'd, not only been stalking the Upper East Side's elite, but using his alter-ego to foster his relationship with Serena.

Granted Dan doesn't murder people like Joe but he is, all things considered, a little bit of a creep so it's no wonder that fans are drawing comparisons between the two of them. In fact, some people think that Joe is literally who Dan would be at this stage in his life and that YOU and Gossip Girl may even exist in the same universe. Wait, was Serena literally the template for Beck?

Here is what the internet is thinking.

Some reckon Joe is just a darker version of Dan.

This checks out.

Others are convinced that YOU is Gossip Girl, Part II.

What if?

Has Dan Humphrey been taking something?

It is possible.

YOU really set themselves up by casting Penn Badgley.

Cast Penn Padgley as a non-creepy hottie challenge.

Serena is to Dan as Beck is to Joe.

Wait. If Joe is Dan... WHAT HAPPENED TO SERENA?!!!

Joe really is Dan plus murder.


One or two viewers are confused as to who Joe is.

I'm crying.

Is Joe a reincarnation?


Dan does have a couple of supporters though.

There is a bit of a difference.

However, the general consensus is...

No comment.

We actually spoke to Penn about the similarities and he said: "They would hate each other because they're too similar. And then Joe would kill Dan so, you know." Okay so maybe they aren't the exact same person but even Penn realises that they are cut from the same cloth. Dan fans can rest in peace knowing that he's not a murderer... or is he?