Elite season 3: Who killed Polo? Killer revealed in shock finale ending

13 March 2020, 15:45

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

How did Polo die in Elite season 3? Here's everything you need to know about how he ended up dead.

Elite season 3 is finally here and fans are losing it over who killed Polo (Alvaro Rico). The shocking culprit has been revealed.

As soon as the trailer for Elite season 3 came out at the start of the month (Mar 2), people have been desperate to know who killed Polo. The clip teased drama, blackmail, and even threesomes, but it was the shot of Polo falling to his death that sent the internet into meltdown. A follow-up trailer then showed the inspector asking all of the characters: how did Polo die?

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Thankfully, Elite season 3 answers just that in the final episode. The unexpected ending reveals who, out of Samuel, Guzmán, Ander, Omar, Carla, Lu, Valerio, Rebe, Cayetana, Malick or Yeray, killed Polo and everyone is in disbelief over who did it.

WARNING: Spoilers for the Elite season 3 finale ahead. Do not read on if you haven't finished the season!

Who killed Polo in Elite season 3 on Netflix?

Elite season 3: Who killed Polo? Killer revealed in shock finale ending
Elite season 3: Who killed Polo? Killer revealed in shock finale ending. Picture: Netflix

Elite season 3 is told in flashbacks leading up to the night Polo died and the season finale explains exactly how he ended up dead. The episode begins just after Polo has come clean to his parents that he killed Marina. He asks them to still give their Columbia scholarship to Lu and Nadia, which Lu needed after her parents disowned her for incest, and Nadia needed after schools refused to giver her a scholarship because of the sex tape of her and Guzman that was sent around the school.

Polo then goes to the Las Encinas graduation party at the club. He attempts to tell Lu that she is still getting her scholarship but, before he can, she throws her drink over him and tells him he ruined her life. Samu, seeing Polo, picks up a knife and is set on killing him but Guzmán stops him before anyone notices. Polo then tells Guzmán that he is going to confess to the police that he killed Marina and asks if Guzmán will forgive him when he eventually leaves prison. Guzmán says never.

We then see drunk Lu accidentally drop and smash a bottle of champagne. She picks up the sharp neck and goes into the bathroom where she finds Polo. Lu tells him to get out and Polo asks what he ever did to her. Lu tells Polo that he hurt her friends (Carla, Ander, Guzmán) and that she will always protect the people she loves. Polo claps back that no one really loves Lu and she is alone.

Crying Lu then pushes Polo and accidentally stabs him in the chest with the bottleneck.

Seeing that Polo is about to bleed to death, Lu says she is so sorry and didn't mean it. Polo says he knows. He stumbles out of the bathroom and falls through the cracked window in the raised box in the club onto the dancefloor. Guzmán runs to him and says he forgives him, while Polo takes his last breath. Lu then tells Samuel, Guzmán, Ander, Omar, Carla, Valerio, Rebe and Cayetana what happened and they agree to cover it up. Samu says it's time for the horror to end.

They then all put their fingerprints on the bottle neck, including Polo's, before the police arrive. They agree to say that they all saw different people go into the bathroom with Polo so that there is no lead suspect and the police have to deduce that Polo killed himself. The season ends with none of them going to prison and the characters finally being able to move past Marina and Polo's deaths and start their lives, not separated, but, in Lu's words, "as a family".

Discussing who killed Polo with Entertainment Tonight, Alvaro Rico, revealed: "I wasn't surprised, it could actually have been anyone. Everyone had motives and that's what it’s played as well..." He added: "The third season is not only revealing who and how Polo dies but the struggle to be accepted by others, by obtaining forgiveness from their friends, from Guzmán. Almost a struggle for wanting to keep on living or not being able to go forward and condemn himself."

Meanwhile, the creators of Elite, Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona, told Sensacine that no one could have died but Polo. “Thinking about how to conclude this season 3, we felt it was the best thing to do. We thought it could not be another character than Polo. When you see episode 8, all of a sudden everything makes sense."

What do you think? Did you guess who killed Polo?