QUIZ: Would you end up with Paxton or Ben from Never Have I Ever?

28 April 2020, 17:10

Are you more likely to date Paxton or Ben?
Are you more likely to date Paxton or Ben? Picture: Netflix.
Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Which guy from Never Have I Ever will end up your boyfriend? Will it be Paxton or Ben? It's time to see what you really want from a relationship, and we'll predict your future...

We're all obsessed with Mindy Kaling's new teen Netflix show Never Have I Ever - and while we watch as main character Devi navigates her way through her love life while tackling school and family, it got us thinking - which boy would we choose? Paxton or Ben?

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With Paxton's charm and Ben's intelligence, it's pretty damn hard to make your mind up, so we're going to help you out, and decide who you're most suited to. And there's no take-backs. Sorry.