QUIZ: Which High School Musical character are you?

16 April 2020, 16:45

Are you more Sharpay, Gabriella or Chad?
Are you more Sharpay, Gabriella or Chad? Picture: Disney
Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Do you love to pop, and lock, and jam and break? Or do you hope to make the perfect creme brûlée? It's time to find out which High School Musical character you're most like...

It's been 16 whole long years since the first High School Musical was released, and all this time later, we're still rehearsing Bop To the Top in our bedroom mirrors, and praying for the casts imminent reunion.

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But which character are you most like? Sure, everyone has a favourite, but it's not always the one you're most like. Time to answer some simple questions, and we'll give you the prognosis with 100% accuracy....

Get your head in the game.