QUIZ: Which Netflix 'Elite' character are you?

13 March 2020, 14:56

Elite Netflix
Picture: Netflix/Elite
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Well, considering they're all stunning and iconic...

Netflix viewers are hooked on Elite and the show has just returned for season 3.

Elite season 3 picks up right where season 2 dramatically left off but there's a big catch... someone has murdered Polo. Escandalo! There are also the two brand new cast members Yeray (Sergio Momo), who looks set to be a new love interest for Carla, and Malick (Leïti Sène), who appears to be interested in Nadia. Honestly, we can't wait for the drama.

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Whilst we better better acquainted with the hottest show on TV, hit play on the quiz below to find out which 'Elite' character you have the most in common with.