Is Veronica pregnant on Riverdale? Reggie's balloon has got fans speculating

25 January 2019, 13:58

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

There was one tiny detail in season 3, episode 10 involving Reggie and a blue balloon that sent fans into a meltdown...

Anyone else feeling like they need to lie down after watching this week's episode of Riverdale? BECAUSE SAME. Episode 10 of season 3, 'The Stranger', left us with more questions than it did answers. If Tall Boy is the Gargoyle King in the present day, who was the Gargoyle King in the past? How long have Hermione Lodge and FP Jones been plotting his appointment to Sheriff of Riverdale? Why is Hal Cooper such a creep? Who killed Claudius Blossom? Who shot Hiram Lodge?

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But perhaps one of the wildest and most unexpected questions that seems to have come out of the episode - and yes, people are genuinely wondering this - is 'is Veronica Lodge pregnant?'

Fans think Veronica is pregnant on Riverdale thanks to Reggie's balloon
Fans think Veronica is pregnant on Riverdale thanks to Reggie's balloon. Picture: The CW

First of all, WHAT?! Second of all, allow us to break it down real quick for ya... Speculation started when Veronica's new bae Reggie walked into Hiram's hospital room clutching a bunch of flowers (standard for someone who's in hospital) and a blue balloon, which said "It's a Boy!"


Now, knowing how hilariously clueless Reggie can be at times, it seems pretty obvious that he just rushed to Veronica's side after hearing the news about her father and stopped off somewhere (maybe this time-warp hospital has a gift shop, who knows?) to buy some flowers and a 'Get Well Soon' balloon, only to find they had run out so he ended up grabbing whatever they had and didn't think to read what it said actually on the front.

But not everyone seemed to think that.

The little detail has now sent parts of the fandom spiralling and there's a lot of speculation as to whether or not Veronica is ~with child~.

Of course, the whole thing was just a cheeky little nod to Reggie's personality and the joke was cleared up by the official Archie Comics Twitter account (eventually, after a couple of tweets, including one that only fanned the flames even more.)

Clarifying their initial tweet pointing out Reggie's balloon, the account tweeted: "it's funny because you know he just grabbed the first balloon he saw. that's it. not any deeper meaning. unless there is and we're all gonna find out later. but maybe not. it's still funny."

So, no. Veronica Lodge is not pregnant but you NEVER KNOW on a show like Riverdale, do you? There's a lot of sex happening all over the shop and Veronica *does* seem to be one who's been clocking the most hours in the bedroom... and the shower... and the locker room of an underground fight club... Riverdale is no stranger to a teen pregnancy, either.

BUT JUST TO CLARIFY, Reggie's balloon was a joke and Veronica is not pregnant (...that we know of.) Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get back to much more pressing matters... which involve me staring at pictures of Sheriff FP Jones. Bye.