Unsolved Mysteries viewers are convinced Rob killed Patrice and it's horrifying

7 July 2020, 13:21

Patrice’s son opens up about her disappearance in Unsolved Mysteries

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Fans of the Netflix series are certain that Rob was behind Patrice's murder.

Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix is blowing people's minds but viewers think they have already solved the case in episode two.

Last week (Jul 1), Netflix aired the first season of their Unsolved Mysteries reboot and it immediately became an international hit. Fans can't get enough of the true crimes series and the wild, terrifying and often disturbing real-life stories it documents. Volume 1 explores genuine cold cases involving everything from murder and missing people to haunted houses and UFOs.

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With each case, there's still no clear explanation as to why or how they happened. However, that hasn't stopped fans from coming up with their own detailed theories and people seem pretty sure that it was Rob who killed Patrice in 13 Minutes.

Did Rob Endres kill Patrice Endres?

Unsolved Mysteries viewers are convinced Rob killed Patrice and it's horrifying
Unsolved Mysteries viewers are convinced Rob killed Patrice and it's horrifying. Picture: Netflix

13 Minutes is the second episode of the season and it explores the unsolved case of Patrice Endres. Patrice was a popular, 38-year-old hairdresser in Cummings, Georgia who disappeared from her hair salon on April 15, 2004. Despite much effort, she wasn't found until late 2005 when her remains were discovered behind Lebanon Baptist Church in North Carolina.

No one was ever charged for her murder though and 13 Minutes includes multiple interviews with Patrice's loved ones who are still seeking justice. Patrice's son Pistol Black suspects that Patrice's second husband, Rob Endres, was responsible. He says: "I think Rob had something to do with my mother's murder." and viewers overwhelmingly agree with him.

Pistol claims that his mother wanted to divorce Rob and that Rob acted strangely after Patrice disappeared. He says Rob kicked him out of the house and even changed the locks. Rob later admits: "I didn’t want Pistol in the house because I didn’t like him." Rob denies the murder and uses a gas station receipt as an alibi but people don't believe him.

In the episode, Rob makes multiple bizarre revelations that have convinced viewers that he is guilty. One person tweeted: "Rob suggesting the killer took Patrice into the woods with a wheelbarrow, how he cuddled with her ashes, and how he carried her skull around and kissed it! ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW ARREST THIS MAN".

Another simply tweeted: "Unsolved mysteries spoiler: we can all agree that rob killed his wife right?"

Other suspects include serial killers Gary Hilton and Jeremy Jones who are currently in prison for other murders but people are certain that Rob is responsible.

Who do you think murdered Patrice?