10 questions from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 4 that'll keep you up at night

5 January 2021, 18:02

The original Hilda and Zelda appear in CAOS season 4

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith


It's the end of an era. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina dropped its final season on the final day of 2020 (how fitting for the year from hell!) but after 8 episodes and THAT divisive ending, we're still desperate for even more answers.

Part 4 followed Sabrina, her twin Sabrina Morningstar and the rest of our fave Greendale characters as they attempted to defeat the Eldritch Terrors. That particular mystery was solved, and we saw an end to a number of other storylines too (Still crying over Zelda, tbh).

But the final season also left viewers with a lot of questions. Here's all the pressing ones that we need answers to ASAP.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 4!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: All the unanswered questions in season 4
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: All the unanswered questions in season 4. Picture: Netflix

Let's start with our main concern: Is Sabrina actually dead? Like for real? Dead dead?

Obviously, Sabrina is dead. We saw her die, we saw Sabrina Morningstar die, we saw their funeral... But here's the thing: Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa hinted that Part 5 was already being planned before the show got cancelled in July 2020. If it had actually been renewed instead, how would it have happened without Sabrina? Could her death somehow be reversible or would the show have continued without her? Could Zelda contact Mambo Marie/Baron Samedi to help resurrect her?

Also, is Nick actually dead?

Nick is a highly skilled warlock who no doubt would have gone to extreme lengths to get Sabrina back. Did he somehow find out how to scam his way into The Sweet Hereafter to try and bring Sabrina back? Or should we just let it go and accept his Sea of Sorrows fate?

What happened in Sabrina Morningstar's afterlife?

Is Sabrina Morningstar in the same Sweet Hereafter as Sabrina Spellman or a different one? Where did she go? Where is she?!!

Will Roz be a full-blown witch now?

Thanks to her newfound witch identity, will Roz now pull double duty at Baxter High and the Academy of Unseen Arts?

Does Harvey still have those powers?

In Part 4, Harvey is suddenly able to predict and draw images of all the Eldritch Terrors and it seems like those powers were transferred to him through Roz. Does he still have those powers within or was it just a one-time thing?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Does Harvey have powers now?
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Does Harvey have powers now? Picture: Netflix

What happened to Baby Adam's spirit? Is he trapped inside the statue and will Lilith be able to get him out?

First of all, RIP to that sweet demon baby! Second of all, if we're assuming that the "Mama" that Lilith heard was Adam's spirit trapped inside a statue, will Lilith somehow be able to transfer it into another living vessel? As we saw with the witches when they transferred Sabrina Spellman's soul into Sabrina Morningstar's body, it's possible!

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Will Caliban ever make it out of The Void?

Or have we lost the shirtless Prince of Hell forever?

Who actually finished writing Blackwood's Eldritch Gospel?

At some point in Part 4, Blackwood leaves on his quest to prepare for The Void and places the gospel and the church in Mary Wardwell's hands. Was Blackwood able to continue writing from afar as it happened? Or did someone else finish the book? The Endless? Mary Wardwell herself?

What will happen to Judith and Judas?

They were initially an important part of the storyline but fell by the wayside in Part 4. Would they have played a bigger part in Part 5 now that Blackwood was dead?

And finally, a bonus unanswered question: What actually happened with Ambrose at The Vatican???!!!

The longest unanswered CAOS question of all time. Will we ever find out? PLEASE TELL US!

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