The REAL Black Hood Was Revealed On “Riverdale” But There’s Another HUGE Twist Coming

10 May 2018, 17:04

Black Hood Riverdale Revealed
Picture: The Cw
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Looks like we're still gonna have to sleep with one eye open because this Black Hood saga isn't over YET.

The Black Hood was FINALLY unmasked on Riverdale last night (May 9) but, as always with this damn town, there was another twist in our tale. Just when we thought we'd finally rid the town of its number one serial killer, it became clear that there wasn't only one person behind the Black Hood... Yes, my friends, there are multiple Black Hoods and I've officially *had* it.

After a very elaborate cat and mouse chase with Betty, Hal Cooper finally comes clean to his daughter and his wife Alice by means of a really really creepy home video. The video showed a very young Hal being coached by his mother to try and persuade another boy (Joseph Conway/Svenson) that his father did not kill Joseph's family. Yes, Hal's dad was the one who killed the entire Conway family because they were blackmailing the Coopers (formerly Blossom) and they knew about their scandalous family secret. (It's a long story, we won't bore you with the details.)

But here's the thing: Hal may have confessed on the record (shout out to Journalist Alice Cooper™'s dictaphone) but everyone soon realised that he wasn't the only killer in town.


Hal admits to shooting Fred and killing Midge, Miss Grundy, the Sugar Man, and Dr Masters from the hospital but he doesn't lay a claim on the shooting at the debate, hinting that there's an accomplice. "I can't take credit for that," he tells Betty, who is as shook as I am.

As all this is happening in the Cooper residence, the Black Hood appears in the Andrews' house next door and shoots Fred. (He had a bulletproof vest on, he's fine, don't worry.) At this point, it becomes clear that there's two killers on the loose because Hal is preoccupied with his projector and throwback videos. But who the bloody hell could the other guy be?


There's still several suspects who aren't quite off the hook just yet so here are you best bets:

- It could be Hiram Lodge. Well, not Hiram Lodge himself but someone working for him. Tall Boy was conveniently absent from all that action with Penny and the Ghoulies. Could it be because he is out doing business for Mr Lodge? The very same Mr Lodge that wants Fred out of the picture so he can scam his way into winning the election?

- It could be Sheriff Keller. Keller was the one who ushered him into the cop car but (!!) Keller still hasn't been reinstated by the Sheriff's office. Bit weird that he's suddenly on call to go and collect his ol' pal Hal. He could be an accomplice, but it's doubtful now, seeing as he basically saved the town from burning to the ground earlier in the episode.

- It could be Claudius Blossom. The man is shady, he wants revenge... who better to team up with than your equally psychopathic cousin?

- Chic or the real Charles Smith could have something to do with it. While they both seem too young to be under the hood, Hal's sudden 180 on his attitude towards Alice's son was veeeeery suspicious. And that still needs to be explained.

Only one more episode until we find out once and for all... or will we? If this storyline carries over into season three, I'm gonna sue for emotional distress.