A new Twilight TV series is officially in the works

19 April 2023, 17:44

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The project is in early development stages but it sounds like it's set to bring the Twilight books back to the screen.

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Just like the recently announced Harry Potter television remake, it looks like Twilight is set to have its story adapted into a TV show too.

According to The Hollywood Reporter who first reported the news back in April 2023, "Lionsgate Television is in early development on a series that could bring author Stephenie Meyer’s book series back to life after the wildly successful movies."

So far, the project seems to be in the early development stages but if it goes ahead, it will turn the best-selling book series into its own TV show.

New details about the series have now been revealed by Deadline, and it's been confirmed that the series will now be animated. According to sources, the project had been envisioned as animated from the get-go.

Per THR's sources, Stephenie Meyer is expected to be involved in the new television adaptation.

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A new Twilight TV series is in the works
A new Twilight TV series is in the works. Picture: Summit Entertainment via Alamy

It's been 11 years since Breaking Dawn: Part 2 hit cinemas and wrapped up the massively successful Twilight movie series.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner all became absolute superstars during the run of films and have gone on to have incredible careers.

Now that the new series has been confirmed to be animated, no new actors will be taking on any live-action roles. The voice actors have not yet been announced.

It's also not been revealed if the animated characters will look like the cast of the original films.

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