QUIZ: Only a Twilight expert can score 100% on this trivia quiz

20 March 2020, 16:10

Can you score full marks on this Twilight quiz?
Can you score full marks on this Twilight quiz? Picture: Summit Entertainment
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

If you know Twilight like the back of your cold, pale hand, then the crown is yours for the taking...

It is a universally known fact that Twilight is a modern masterpiece – and the baseball scene alone deserved to pick up every prestigious cinematic award going. (Editors note: No, I will not be taking criticism of this statement at this time. Thanks!)

But just how well do you remember the 2008 movie? Can you remember the first Cullen you ever saw on screen? Do you recall exactly how many people live in Forks, Washington? Well, it's time to put all this useless knowledge to the test. At last.

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If you score full marks, then you've passed the test. If you don't, well... let's just say you're banished from the coven. Good luck!