Toy Story 4 fans are confused over Andy's 'face transformation' in the trailer

20 March 2019, 16:39

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Andy from Toy Story will go down in history as the youngest child on Earth to go through intense facial reconstruction surgery 4 times."

Disney's Pixar dropped the Toy Story 4 trailer out of nowhere yesterday (March 19) and everyone on the internet promptly lost their minds. It was emotional, it was iconic and it was also somewhat terrifying but there's one detail in the teaser that has absolutely riled up all the loyal Toy Story stans out there... and it's all to do with Andy's face.

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Toward the end of the trailer, there's a brief shot of what looks like a young Andy spinning around his room with Jessie and Buzz. The room looks exactly like it does in Toy Story 2, but his face looks completely different.

Obviously, this could just be down to the advancements in Pixar's animation over the years (it's literally been almost 25 years, guys) but there's just something about his new face that isn't sitting well with fans.

Andy's face looks completely different in the Toy Story 4 trailer
Andy's face looks completely different in the Toy Story 4 trailer. Picture: Disney Pixar

The drastic change in Andy's facial features has resulted in a ton of viral tweets, joking about whether or not he's had surgery.

We saw over the course of the first two films (and the third, to some extent) a bit of a change in Andy's face but the new animations in Toy Story 4 seem to have REALLY been the last straw. WHO IS HE?!

Wild, right?!

But things might not be what they seem. Some fans are theorising that the scene in question could actually be a flashforward and not a flashback. The trailer shows the boy playing with Jessie and Buzz in a room that looks like Andy's room... but could it actually be his son instead? Would he really go to the effort of recreating his exact bedroom for his son? (Maybe he would, I don't know... Seems a bit extra if you ask me.)

Whatever the reason may be, we probably won't even care about it once the film drops because we'll all be crying anyway. And we won't even be able to see how different he looks because our eyes will be brimming with tears. SO THERE.

Toy Story 4 drops on June 21st 2019.