Melinda and Peter from Too Hot to Handle appear to confirm they are dating

6 July 2021, 11:18

Peter Vigilante does chest presses with Melinda Melrose as his weight on TikTok

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Melinda and Marvin may be over but it looks like a new Too Hot to Handle season 2 romance has developed.

Melinda and Peter from Too Hot to Handle season 2 have just taken to Instagram to share some steamy new couple photos.

Too Hot to Handle season 2 may be over now but the show blessed us with many iconic romances. From Chase and Tabitha to Carly and Joey, there were numerous couples to root for this season. However, not all relationships are built to last. Since filming officially wrapped on season 2, Cam and Emily and Christina and Robert are the only couples still going strong.

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Most shockingly, winner Marvin broke up with Melinda but now it looks like Melinda has moved on with another contestant.

Are Melinda and Peter from Too Hot to Handle dating?

Are Melinda and Peter from Too Hot to Handle dating?
Are Melinda and Peter from Too Hot to Handle dating? Picture: Netflix, @petervigilante via Instagram

Yesterday (Jul 6), Melinda and Marvin opened up about why they split in an Instagram live. The former pair revealed that they had numerous arguments after the show and, while Melinda wanted to work on them, Marvin had no interest in doing so. In the livestream, Melinda also revealed that Marvin doesn't talk to her outside of social media and press junkets anymore.

Melinda and Marvin open up about why they split after Too Hot to Handle

However, it appears that Melinda is now finding love elsewhere with none other than her former Too Hot to Handle castmate Peter. Melinda and Peter had an attraction on season 2 before Marvin and Melinda became a couple and they even kissed on the show. Now, the duo have shared intimate couple photos on both of their Instagram pages.

Melinda posted a set of photos of her in bed with Peter with the caption: "At least this time it wasn’t a mosquito bite." In the images, Melinda is wearing lingerie and intertwined with a shirtless Peter. Meanwhile, Peter posted a pic of them holding each other with the caption: "Let’s play Rock Paper Scissors …"

If that weren't wild enough, Marvin commented on both photos. He wrote: "Congrats" on Melinda's post and "Good job buddy" on Peter's. However, fans noticed that he also unfollowed Melinda and Peter and then refollowed them so it's possible that the photos caught him off guard.

Melinda and Peter also both said "I love you" to each other in a recent Instagram live.

As it stands, Melinda and Peter are yet to reveal the official status of their relationship but all signs point to them dating right now.

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