Too Hot To Handle ages: How old are the cast?

17 April 2020, 17:40

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

From Francesca, Haley and the girls to Harry, Matt and the boys, here's all the ages of the Too Hot To Handle cast.

Seeing as it looks like our Summer 2020 isn't going to go ahead as planned and the fact that we might have to cope without a new season of Love Island, Netflix have come in clutch with a brand new dating show called Too Hot To Handle.

The premise is simple. 14 outrageously attractive 20-somethings in one tropical location, all competing for a slice of the $100,000 prize. Sun, sea, sand... but, in a plot twist to end all dating show plot twists, there will be no sex. If the contestants engage in any sort of sexual activity – with each other, or themselves – the prize money will be slashed.

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Season one was released on April 17th and the cast's antics and blossoming relationships have got viewers hooked. You know their names, you know where they're from, but how old are your favourite cast members?

Find all the Too Hot To Handle cast ages, and Instagram handles, below:

Too Hot To Handle ages: How old are the Netflix cast?
Too Hot To Handle ages: How old are the Netflix cast? Picture: Netflix

How old is Francesca Farago?

Age: 25

Instagram: @francescafarago

Canadian Francesca is a model and travel influencer. She splits her time between Vancouver and LA. Apparently, she previously dated Diplo and she also has her ex-boyfriend’s name tattooed on the inside of her mouth.

How old is Harry Jowsey?

Age: 21

Instagram: @harryjowsey

Harry, who has already proved to be a popular choice at the retreat, comes all the way from Australia. Harry is also a previous winner of an Australian dating show called Heartbreak Island but just a few days after winning, he broke up with his partner. He also reckons he has the perfect "boyfriend d*ck".

How old is Sharron Townsend?

Age: 25

Instagram: @sharontownsendofficial

Personal trainer, professional kids wrestling coach and former Mr Pennsylvania 2018, Sharron considers himself a solid ten out of ten.

How old is David Birtwistle?

Age: 28

Instagram: @david.birtwistle

David is the retreat's resident London boy. He's an ex semi-pro Rugby player and a has a first class degree in engineering. His ex-girlfriend, in case you were wondering, is now engaged to Hugh Hefner's son.

How old is Matthew Smith?

Age: 29

Instagram: @matthewstephensmith

Matt was once on America's Next Top Model and also appeared on New Girl. The model and actor is described as a “deep thinker with a spiritual outlook”. He also loves to skinny dip.

How old is Kelechi 'Kelz' Dyke?

Age: 27

Instagram: @kelechidyke

Kelz, who was born in Austria and moved to the UK when he was 13, is a senior recruitment consultant. He's 6ft 6in tall and plays American Football for the London Warriors, based in South London.

How old is Rhonda Paul?

Age: 27

Instagram: @imrhondapaul

Rhonda, who hails from Atlanta, Georgia, has also proven herself to be top pick for a couple of guys in the retreat. Rhonda is apparently looking for a real connection with someone after getting bored of the dating scene.

How old is Nicole O'Brien?

Age: 23

Instagram: @nicole.ob

Prior to her stint on Too Hot To Handle, Nicole spent the last two years on yachts, hosting some of the worlds biggest stars, from Kanye West to Justin Bieber.

How old is Haley Cureton?

Age: 20

Instagram: @haley.cure

20-year-old Haley is a business student from Florida who also volunteers at an animal shelter. She's also part of a sorority. Haley has said that she's open to romantic connections with both the girls and the guys. She also has a tattoo on her back in a different language... she doesn't know what language it is or what it says.

How old is Chloe Veitch?

Age: 21

Instagram: @chloeveitchofficial

First in the retreat, Chloe has been described as a girl who is "aware of her sexual power". She's already proven to be Queen of flirting with both Harry and David in her sights. Like Francesca, Chloe also has the name of an old flame tattooed on her body... after only knowing them for two weeks.

How old is Bryce Hirschberg?

Age: 29

Instagram: @brycehirschberg

When he's not working as a writer, producer, actor and a director, Bryce spends most of his time lounging by the pool and living the dream on boats, judging by his Instagram.

How old is Kori Sampson?

Age: 22

Instagram: @korisampson

If your type on paper is a UK lad who loves going to festivals, glam locations, tattoos and the gym, then Kori is your mans.

How old is Madison Wyborny?

Age: 20

Instagram: @madisonwyborny

Madison is a model based in LA.

How old is Lydia Clyma?

Age: 22

Instagram: @lydiaclyma

If Lydia looks familiar to UK viewers, that's because she previously appeared on Magaluf Weekender and E4’s Sex Clinic.