Tom Holland is getting rave reviews for his performance in The Devil All the Time

17 September 2020, 17:00

Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson star in Netflix’s The Devil All The Time

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Netflix's new thriller sees Tom take on a much darker and grittier character than his previous roles – and critics and fans alike can't get enough of it.

Everyone knows and loves Tom Holland as our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man but following the release of his new Netflix film The Devil All the Time, people can't believe just how much of an incredible actor he really is.

Those who have only seen Tom on-screen in the MCU will be shocked to see him in such a drastically different – and way more violent and gritty – role. Tom's dramatic acting chops have always been there though. Before the MCU, he turned out a number of brilliant performances, including one in 2012's The Impossible. (How he wasn't nominated for an Oscar we'll never know.)

Now, he's wowing Netflix viewers as Arvin Russell. And judging by the reactions to his performance, we think we've officially established that Tom Holland truly does have The Range™️.

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Tom Holland's performance as Arvin Russell is a hit with critics and fans
Tom Holland's performance as Arvin Russell is a hit with critics and fans. Picture: PA Images, Netflix

Tom doesn't show up as Arvin until about 47 minutes into The Devil All the Time but when he does, the film takes on a whole new life.

From his emotional solo scenes to his intense confrontations with Robert Pattinson's Teagardin and Sebastian Stan's Sheriff Bodecker, fans, critics and casual watchers are all raving about his dark performance.

Tom's next performance will be in crime drama Cherry, which we'll hopefully get to see toward the end of 2020 or in early 2021.

And uhhh, if you were gagged over his performance in Devil, then you better prepare yourselves because director Joe Russo has already said that Tom’s performance in Cherry is "Oscar worthy".

And his brother Harry Holland echoes those sentiments...