Timothee Chalamet Is Being Called Out Over His Non-Response To Working With Woody Allen

12 January 2018, 16:14

Timothee Chalamet Critics Choice Awards
Picture: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Critics' Choice Awards
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Uh... what does he think "Time's Up" MEANS?"

UPDATE: After being asked the question in numerous interviews and failing to answer, Chalamet has now released a statement on his Instagram. While he cannot elaborate on the question due to contractual issues, he has pledged to donate his entire salary from the film to three charities; Time's Up, RAINN and The LGBT Centre in New York.

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The people of the internet aren't particularly happy with their new favourite talented, #TimesUp supporting, actor-boy Timothée Chalamet. Why? He just gave a pretty disappointing non-answer to a reporter who asked him about his work with Woody Allen.

Timothée recently sat down with CNN to promote his new film, Call Me By Your Name with co-star Armie Hammer. Thanks to the recent support of the "Time's Up" campaign on the red carpet, the interviewer asked both Timothée and Armie what they think of the campaign. Timothée gave a really great answer about how his sister made him realise that it's everyone's responsibility (especially the men) to talk about it and act on it. She then asked him about his ongoing work with Woody Allen, who was accused of sexual assault by his daughter, Dylan Farrow in 2014.

This was his response: “I hesitate to talk about it right now because what I say is only going to anger people. When that film comes out, if it comes out, that’s going to be really important to talk about, but it’s not the time right now.”

You can skip to 10:12 in the video below to hear the answer.

Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet on 'Call Me By Your Name'

Now, obviously... Timothée is there to promote Call Me By Your Name. There's nothing wrong with saying you want to focus on promoting your film without it being drowned out by commentary on a different subject. But the thing is, now IS the time to talk about it. That's literally why everyone wore the badge and why everyone was wearing black at the Golden Globes.

People on Twitter are now calling him out on his disappointing response. It's also the second time he's given this exact answer. Some are assuming this due to the fact that he is still under contract with Allen (he is) and will continue to be until the film is released. Until then, it seems like he won't be able to say what he wants to say. (And he clearly wants to say something...)

Timothée isn't the only actor who has given an awkward non-response to those kind of questions. Selena Gomez, who is also in Allen's Rainy Day In New York, went completely off topic when she was asked about it in her Billboard profile.

When asked about the backlash and allegations against Allen, she replied: “To be honest, I’m not sure how to answer — not because I’m trying to back away from it. [The Weinstein allegations] actually happened right after I had started [on the movie]. They popped up in the midst of it. And that’s something, yes, I had to face and discuss. I stepped back and thought, ‘Wow, the universe works in interesting ways.’”

Many actors have also been called out on their silence and involvement with Allen's projects since Dylan Farrow's 2014 open letter. Many of those actors wore "Time's Up" badges on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. Justin Timberlake (currently starring in Allen's Wonder Wheel) was dragged on Twitter for posting a selfie with his badge. Jude Law (Rainy Day In New York) also wore a badge on the red carpet. As did Steve Carell (2016's Cafe Society).

If it is a case of actors not being allowed to address the accusations or express their regret in working with Allen until their project is complete, then fine. That can't be helped. But we're sure many will hope that Timothée (and Selena) have something to say when it's all done.