Marie Kondo versus book hoarders is now a meme and it will spark joy in you

9 January 2019, 17:17

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Netflix's Tidying up with Marie Kondo has sparked a huge debate...

Netflix is no stranger to creating iconic original content. Over the past few years alone, the infamous video streaming service has given us everything from sci-fi excellence (Stranger Things) and gripping teen dramas (Elite) to heartwarming rom-coms (To All the Boys I've Loved Before) and meme-ready thrillers (Bird Box). However, it's also blessed us with some incredible reality TV shows.

'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo' is inspiring everyone to get their shit together

Last year Netflix broke boundaries with its moving reboot of Queer Eye (RIP toxic masculinity) and now the platform is back at it again with Tidying up with Marie Kondo. The series sees beloved organising consultant and best-selling author Marie Kondo help people declutter their homes and their lives. It's amazing but one aspect of it has sparked major online debate.

Is Marie Kondo telling people to give up their books?

The funniest Tidying up with Marie Kondo book memes
The funniest Tidying up with Marie Kondo book memes. Picture: Netflix // Channel 9 Australia

One of Marie's key methods is to get people to remove anything from their homes that doesn't spark joy. Anytime she helps out a family, Marie gets them to go through their belongings and sort out what to keep and give away based on what brings them joy. It's surprisingly effective and viewers around the world have been praising Marie for helping them get rid of their junk.

However, one group of people has taken huge issue with it: book hoarders. Marie encourages people to use the joy method with items including clothing and, you guessed it, books. Obviously she just wants people to get rid of the books that they don't read or care about but for some reason book Twitter has interpreted it as Marie telling people to bin all books.

For example.

Of course this isn't the point that Marie is trying to make and fans immediately began defending Marie and pointing out what she is actually encouraging people to do. Not only that but they turned the whole situation into a meme and it is all kinds of hilarious. With that in mind, we've gathered just a few of the best Marie Kondo book memes all in one place for you.

English major Twitter reacting to Marie's suggestions.

We see no lies.

Marie trying to have a conversation with book hoarders.

The melodrama jumped out.

You would think that Marie had committed a crime.


Seriously though?

I'm crying.

Some people have been attacked personally.

Raise your hand if you've been personally victimised by Marie Kondo?

Others feel like they're missing something.

Us too.

Is Marie Kondo playing tricks on people?

No comment.

Then there are those who are being asked to get rid of more than books....

This went from zero to one hundred real quick.

...and pitching their own Marie Kondo-esque shows.


One or two people are roasting those complaining.

A read.

Ultimately fans just want people to know what Marie actually said.

How did we get here?

And last but not least...

I'm done.