Is Stanley Diego’s son in Umbrella Academy season 3? His real identity explained

22 June 2022, 17:23

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Who is Stanley in The Umbrella Academy season 3? Here's everything you need to know about Javon Walton's character.

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The Umbrella Academy season 3 introduces us to a new character named Stanley but who is he and does he have powers?

Ever since Netflix announced that Javon Walton would be joining the cast of The Umbrella Academy in season 3, fans have been desperate to know what sort of character the Euphoria actor would play. Other than one photo of Javon sitting on a hotel reception desk, zero details about who he would be portraying were released before the new season came out.

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Now, the mystery is over. We know that Javon is Stanley but is Stanley really who he says he is? Here's what we find out.

Does Stanley have powers in The Umbrella Academy?

Is Stanley Diego’s son in The Umbrella Academy season 3? His real identity explained
Is Stanley Diego’s son in The Umbrella Academy season 3? His real identity explained. Picture: Netflix


If you haven't finished all 10 episodes, bookmark this page and come back once you're done. You've been warned!

SPOILERS AHEAD. Picture: Netflix

Stanley first appears at the end of The Umbrella Academy season 3, episode 1. Lila (Ritu Arya) finds Diego (David Castañeda) in the current day and tells him that Stanley is their son and that she's raised him on her own for 12 years. Lila then leaves Stanley to look after Diego with no word or time frame on when she'll be back.

Over the course of the next few episodes, we say Diego and Stanley bond and develop a close relationship with each other. However, it also becomes apparent that, unlike Diego and Lila, Stanley doesn't possess any powers. On top of that, he's incredibly clumsy and often gets him and Diego both into trouble.

It's only in episode 6 that we learn the real truth. Lila has returned but Stan has gone missing. Lila then tells Diego that she borrowed Stanley from her mate Trudy for a week and that he isn't their child. When Diego asks her why, Lila reveals that she wanted to see what kind of dad he would make.

When Stan does eventually appear again (he'd gone to get a slushie and a Slim Jim), he is killed on the spot after being wiped away by the Kugelblitz in front of Lila and Diego.

Will Stanley be in The Umbrella Academy season 4?

Who is Stanley in The Umbrella Academy season 3? Javon Walton's character explained
Who is Stanley in The Umbrella Academy season 3? Javon Walton's character explained. Picture: Netflix

In episode 7, we learn that Lila got the Commission to send her to Berlin in 1989 after the events of season 2 to retrieve a time travel suitcase that The Handler had hidden in the Berlin Wall for her... because of course she did. She then joined a band with a girl called Trudy and we see Stanley sleeping backstage at their shows.

It's unclear how long Lila was part of the band but the show then cuts to a scene where Trudy has disappeared with a bass player and we find out that Stanley is her son who she's left alone for a week. Lila then gets the brainwave to use her suitcase to travel to America in the present day with Stanley to trick Diego.

While Stan definitely dies in episode 6, The Umbrella Academy season 3 ends with a full time reset so we are putting in a formal request to Netflix now to bring back Stanley in the new timeline. We need more of our clumsy young king!

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