Here's what the Umbrella Academy season 3 episode titles mean

8 June 2021, 18:35

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

What does Kugelblitz mean? What is Marigold? Is Oblivion a reference to Hotel Oblivion? Here's what the Umbrella Academy season 3 episode titles mean...

The Umbrella Academy season 3 might still be a while away from hitting our screens, but fans have just got their first teaser for what's about to happen next for the Hargreeves Siblings and the new Sparrow Academy.

During a livestream for Netflix's Geeked Week, show runner Steve Blackman revealed the episode titles for The Umbrella Academy season 3 and there's already plenty of easter eggs hidden within them that'll get fans theorising about what they could mean.

Within season 3's 10 episode run, it looks like we'll be learning a lot more about the Sparrow Academy, diving deeper into the origins of how the siblings actually got their powers and possibly even seeing a key moment from Gerard Way's 'Hotel Oblivion' graphic novel play out on screen.

Here's all the theories and the meanings behind The Umbrella Academy season 3 episode titles.

What do the Umbrella Academy season 3 episode titles mean?

Umbrella Academy season 3 episode titles: Here's what they mean
Umbrella Academy season 3 episode titles: Here's what they mean. Picture: Netflix

Episode 1: 'Meet The Family'

Seeing as we were introduced to the brand new Sparrow Academy at the end of season 2, this episode will most likely be the introduction to the new characters that will be joining the Hargreeves siblings. We've already been introduced to the cast and characters, including that mysterious floating cube, Christopher. (Yes, he has a name!)

Episode 2: 'The World’s Biggest Ball of Twine'

Send all your theories for this one in the post. Are they setting out to understand and untangle the timelines? Is Klaus literally untangling the world's biggest ball of twine for an entire episode? Would watch both of those, tbh.

Episode 3: 'Pocket Full of Lightning'

No idea what's happening here but lightning seems to be a running theme based on the next episode's title...

Episode 4: 'Kugelblitz'

In the livestream chat, Blackman urged fans to google the meaning of the word. Kugelblitz is a word used in astrophysics for a black hole formed from radiation, rather than matter. It's also the name of a German World War II anti-aircraft gun, also known as "Ball Lightning".

Episode 5: 'The Kindest Cut'

Again, there's not much to go on with this title. We'll have to stay perched for clues when the trailer finally drops.

Episode 6: 'Marigold'

Blackman revealed that this one has a deeper meaning that fans of Gerard Way's original graphic novel series will understand. Fans of the Netflix series might actually understand what this one's about too, as we've already been shown what 'marigold' is.

In an interview with AWN, VFX supervisor Everett Burrell revealed that the particles of energy that flew out of Sir Reginald Hargreeves' jar during that flashback scene are called 'marigold', and that is what gives the siblings their powers.

Episode 7: 'Auf Wiedersehen'

Well, this one is obviously the german word for 'goodbye'. It's also the second episode title that uses a German word so it looks like we'll be exploring some kind of German storyline in season 3.

Episode 8: 'Wedding at the End of the World'

No idea what's going on here but a wedding?! At the end of the world? Who is getting married?! And who caused the apocalypse this time? (There's also a My Chemical Romance song called 'Party at the End of the World', by the way. Do with that information what you will.)

Episode 9: 'Six Bells'

Blackman teased that the title of this episode will make sense to fans after they've watched season 3, so we'll just have to wait and see if any clues or easter eggs appear in the trailer before we start theorising.

Episode 10: 'Oblivion'

Does this mean... HOTEL OBLIVION?! While no details about the season 3 finale have been teased just yet, we already know it's going to be another game-changer with an episode title like this. The final issue of the Hotel Oblivion comic sees the Hargreeves siblings battle against some new villains. The big question is: Will the Hargreeves siblings and the Sparrow Academy manage to unite by the end of the season to face what might arrive?

When does Umbrella Academy season 3 come out?

There's currently no confirmed release date for The Umbrella Academy season 3. Filming began in Toronto in February 2021 and is still taking place right now.

While we may not get to see season 3 before the end of 2021, it's pretty much guaranteed that this next batch of episodes are gonna blow our tiny little minds.

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