The Umbrella Academy: Ending explained

16 February 2019, 19:52

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Everything you need to know about the episode 10 finale of 'The Umbrella Academy', "The White Violin". From Ben being alive or dead to Vanya becoming The White Violin.

The episode 10 finale of The Umbrella Academy season one packs a big punch. The gang have to thwart the apocalypse while simultaneously dealing with Vanya's transformation into The White Violin. if you're reading this, we'll assume that you've finished season and might need some of the plot points explained or clarified. Is Ben aliive? Are the siblings kids now? And did they succeed in going back in time?

Here is The Umbrella Academy season one finale explained.

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Is Ben alive?

One of the biggest mysteries in episode 10 "The White Violin" is whether or not Ben is alive. In the final episode of Umbrella Academy season 1, Klaus is able to channel Ben's power to turn into a tentacled creature in order to fight the mercenaries. This follows a season long build-up which saw him punch Klaus and pull Diego out of harm's way, despite being a ghost.

At present, it seems more likely that, as Klaus gets sober, his abilities get stronger. He was already able to conjure the dead, but his powers might be evolving to include him being able to project and channel his deceased sibling's abilities.

Ben in the Umbrella Academy finale
Ben in the Umbrella Academy finale. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

How did Vanya become The White Violin?

After years of isolation from her siblings, a series of traumatic events (attacking her sister, killing Leonard, being trapped by Luther in the cage), leads to Vanya being consumed with rage and being transformed into The White Violin.

The White Violin's powers include the ability to turn the sounds around her into energy. Vanya has mastered the violin and is able to harvest its music into violent bursts of energy that flow through her bow and her hands.

Vanya The White Violin in Umbrella Academy
Vanya The White Violin in Umbrella Academy. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

Why did Hazel kill The Handler?

In episode 10, The Handler assigns Hazel and Cha Cha the task of protecting Vanya to ensure the apocalypse goes forward. Hazel's girlfriend, Agnes, is still tied to the chair in the hotel room while he and Cha Cha are supposed to help bring about the end of the world.

Hazel wants to spend his last moments on earth with his girlfriend, though, so he causes an accident that sends Cha Cha flying through the front window of his car. He then races to the hotel room, shoots The Handler, and frees Anges.

Essentially, he kills The Handler so he and Agnes could spend their last moments together and finally be free.

The Handler being shot in the head by Hazel
The Handler being shot in the head by Hazel. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

How does the apocalypse start?

During the tense stand off at Icarus theatre, Allison fires off a gun directly behind Vanya's ear, causing her to emit a beam of energy from her chest and directly at the moon. This powerful energy hits the moon and dislodges pieces of it which make their way toward the earth's surface.

As these hot pieces of moon are entering the atmosphere, they are burning up, causing fiery chaos across the globe and bringing about the apocalypse. Bummer, right?

Apocalypse in The Umbrella Academy
Apocalypse in The Umbrella Academy. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

Do the siblings go back in time?

Season one of Umbrella Academy ends on a cliffhanger. Number 5 suggests they go back in time in order to "fix" Vanya and prevent the apocalypse, but it's unclear where or when they're headed.

Luckily, the Hargreeves siblings are able to disappear back in time before they are all burned up in a fiery apocalypse. Where they go is certainly a question for season 2.

The Umbrella Academy Ending
The Umbrella Academy Ending. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

Are the siblings kids now?

As the siblings are making their escape in Number 5's time jump portal, we see them go from adults to kids. This is similar to what happens at the beginning of the series when Number 5 returns from the future, but his body reverts to its childhood state. Number 5 explains that this has something to do with his math being off, but it's not totally clear what causes their bodies to revert to their childhood forms while traveling back in time.

This gives us some indication that viewers could be spending quite some time with the Hargreeves kids in season 2.

Young Luther and Vanya in Umbrella Academy
Young Luther and Vanya in Umbrella Academy. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot