This major easter egg in The Umbrella Academy predicted Number Five's future

2 March 2019, 15:59

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Eagle-eyed fans of The Umbrella Academy were able to spot an easter egg pertaining to Number 5 hidden in the wallpaper of the mansion's nursery.

The Umbrella Academy easter eggs just keep on coming. The Netflix show, which tells the story of 7 powerful siblings born and adopted under mysterious circumstances, has hidden plenty of tiny details through out. In The Umbrella Academy, Number Five is a genius with time jump abilities who gets trapped in the future with only a mannequin named Dolores for company.

Though the Hargreeves siblings had no idea what happened to their brother, a newly discovered easter egg about Number Five may prove that the answer was under their nose's the entire time.

Delores and Number Five
Number Five and Delores . Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

A very eagle-eyed fan spotted some wallpaper in The Umbrella Academy mansion that points to Number Five's fate in the future.

Twitter user @fuckfeelingsE spotted an image of a young boy lugging a mannequin in a wagon. The image appears as wallpaper in the nursery and, given what we know about Number Five and Delores, this seems like a big ol' easter egg to us.

"Maybe someone already noticed it, but I will repeat. What the fuck, five is depicted on the wallpaper in the nursery," @fuckfeelingsE said on Twitter.

Not only is Five lugging a red wagon in the wallpaper, there's also a scene of him pulling Delores along after the apocalypse in the episode "Number Five".

Number Five pulling Delores
Number Five pulling Delores. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot
Number Five pulling Delores in a red wagon
Number Five pulling Delores in a red wagon. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

This depiction of a young boy pulling a red wagon with a mannequin inside is far too specific to be a coincidence.

So, what does the wallpaper easter egg mean in The Umbrella Academy?

At this point, it's unclear. Could there be more to Reginald Hargreeves or Number Five than fans initially thought? Perhaps it was just a fun little hint to drop into the show that doesn't really mean anything.

Either way, the talented Aidan Gallagher (who plays Number Five), promised fans that there are loads more hidden details for fans to look out for.